Moving Existing Sites to

    The service and quality of the websites are deteriorating under the tender care of  Time for a move to something better:!

What will happen to the data on my old website?

    Wyenet offers backup of the entire website to a file that I can download and unpack on my computer, then re-upload to your new website.  Outside of the Oekaki (one of the vicitms of, I am unaware of anyone else who used mysql databases, so we're in the clear. 

What will happen to my sixies email?

    Save what's in it or forward it to an existing e-mail: I can't move it. 

Will you move my password?

    Unfortunately no.  See below for giving me a new password.

What is the name of the new website and how will I access it?

    Depends on the website.  If I gave you an FTP account, such as 'waiwai', then I will give you a brand new website, "", and set the password to what you want.  If I did uploads for you (as I did for genesis, Freak, and Apocalypse Watcher), then you do NOTHING: the address will be UNCHANGED, and I'll move everything over for you.

Can I access it using the "/~name/" or the "/users/<name>" path?

    Yes and no: I will set up so that URL accesses will be rerouted to your new website using both paths: I've tested it, and I'm fairly sure it will work.  However, I recommend switching to the <name> address ASAP.

What will be my FTP name and address?

    Use <name>, with <name> as your user name.

Can I have a different name this time?

    Yes!  Let me know what it is, along with a password.  Give me the old one also, and I'll not only upload the files you had, but also set up URL forwarding using the old scheme.

What do I have to do?

    Follow the instructions on this page, letting me know what your login name was and that you want your stuff uploaded to the new site.

I have my own Domain name!  Can you host it for free?

    Love to!  Go here for instructions, and congratulations!

Any changes to the Use Restrictions?

    Nope.  The usual stuff.  Nothing more or less than what Wyenet forbade.  They must use the same lawyers.

How long do I have?

    I'm trying my best to get to everyone before the changeover, which I tenatively plan for the First Saturday of August.  See the home page for news and updates.