New Websites via


    You can get a free website via if you became a member of the Cybersix Message Board before July 15, 2005 or EVER had a website on or  Otherwise, Email me and make your case, or get an existing member in really good standing to vouch for you.  If you're a friend of a Sixie, they have to e-mail me themselves.
    You must agree to the acceptable use policy section of the webhoster's user agreement that I'm using: otherwise you imperil the websites of a lot of other people, including my own! 
    You must also agree to keep your contact e-mail up to date:  you can do it using CPanel, and the link to do so is in the upper left hand corner of the CPanel control panel when you log into CPanel.  If I can't reach you, I can't vouch for its safety if something dire comes up!

What you must decide   

    You must decide on a subdomain name for or, like "lori" in "" or "lucas" in "".  It will also be your Cpanel login name, your ftp login name, and your e-mail name (  If you have your own domain name and want it hosted at then go here.  If you have a name with a Dynamic DNS service and want to host it at, then go here.
    Email me with the following information:
    You will get an e-mail from me giving the details of your new site when I set it up (be patient!  I have to WORK for a living!) SAVE it for future reference.  If there are problems, I'll get back to you via your contact address.
    Once you get the confirmation e-mail, log onto CPanel at http://<subdomain_you_chose> and have a look around.  Go to the FAQ for more details.
    That's it!  Have fun!

If you already have a Domain name you Control

    Let's suppose you already have a domain name and can set its DNS Nameservers (if you don't know, go here).  Then do the following steps.
    Once you get the confirmation e-mail, log onto CPanel at http://<subdomain_you_chose> and have a look around.  Go to the FAQ for more details.

If you have a domain name with a Dynamic DNS Service

    A Dynamic DNS Service allows someone with a DSL or Cable connection that may have a varying IP address to dynamically assign an IP address to a domain name.  Usually, the webserver runs a program to update the service, and/or the service allows a permanent IP address to be assigned.  If you want to keep your current domain name and use an account at, then do the following steps.

Do you control your Domain name?

    This is a sticky problem: The majority of webhosters will try to sell you a domain name at a cut-rate price if you host with them.  If you used a domain name registrar and had to separately get webhosting, you probably DO control your domain name: email me about your situation.  If not, the webhoster controls the domain name, and may not let you use it if you host with someone else!  You may be stuck!
    There's not much you can do, since when he registered it, he registered himself as the technical contact and DOES control it: that's what happened to, and I STILL can't regain control of it!  You can try the following, but success is not guaranteed:
    I regret I won't be of any help: this is strictly between you, the customer, and your current webhoster.  Regardless of what happens, chalk it up to experience and pay what it takes to get, and keep, REAL control of your future domain names: register your names with a domain name registrar that says they'll let YOU set your DNS settings and nameservers.